Hilltop Music Publications

Woodstock House, 1 Luton Road, Faversham, Kent, ME13 8HQ

  • All foreign enquiries to June Emerson Woodwind Music
  • Please browse through the catalogue, the MIDI files are free to download and will give you a rough idea what the music will sound like, though you may have to change the voices in the file depending on what equipment you are using for playback. If a particular catagory or piece has not yet got a MIDI file try another page and look for the same piece. Most of the pieces in the catalogue can be customised to suit your musical forces. If you would like to order music then ring, write or E-Mail to the above address.

    Classification A = Very easy B = Easy C = Medium D = Difficult E = Very difficult

    All prices are in £ UK. All foreign orders through June Emerson Wind Music please