Hilltop Publications
(Generally 2Fl/2Ob/2Cl/2Bsn but optional parts
for Horns Trumpets Saxes Contrabassoon etc.
can be supplied at a cost of £1.00 per part.
If required a score can be tailored to your specifications.)
BACH J.S Brandenburg Concerto No. 1 26.50 C-D HTM492
BACH J.S Brandenberg Concerto No 2 8.50 D HTM24 MIDI File #
BEETHOVEN Rondino 8.00 D HTM42 MIDI File
BOYCE W Concerto Grosso in E Minor 8.00 D HTM53 MIDI File
BOYCE W. Symphony IV 9.00 C HTM55 MIDI File
Carols Carols 12.50 B HTM62
COLERIDGE TAYLOR Three Fours. Waltzes 10.50 D HTM70 MIDI File
FAURE Pavane 10.50 C HTM301 MIDI File
FINCK H. Two Little Dances 15.50 C HTM417
FRANCK Panis Angelicus 10.50 B HTM101
GABRIELI Canzona XIII 10.50 C HTM103 MIDI File
GEVORKIAN J.The Prayer12.50CHT501  
GRAFULLA C.F. arr. Bothwell Washington Grays 23.00 C-D BE 19
GRIEG arr Denwood Four Norwegian Dances 21.50 C HTM634
GRIEG E.Last Spring arr.Bothwell17.50CBE 20  
HANDEL Dances from the Fireworks Music 9.00 C HTM137 MIDI File
HANSEN ERIKLittle Norwegian Suite13.50BHT138  
HAYDN J Divertimento 9.00 C HTM148 MIDI File
HAYDN Symphony No 85 (La Reine) 18.00 C-D HTM304
HAYDN Notturno No 1 14.00 C HTM412
HAYDN Symphony No 83 (The Hen) 18.00 C-D HTM304b
HAYDN J Symphony No. 7 1st Mvt. Le Midi 10.50 D HTM147 MIDI File
HUMMEL March Romaine 7.50 C HTM159 MIDI File
HUMMEL arr. Denwood Rondo Op. 11 13.50 C-D HTM641
HUMPERDINK Das Wintermarchen - Taffelmusik 10.50 C HTM160
LOCKE M The Tempest - Incidental Music 13.00 C HTM180 MIDI File
MACDOWELL Woodland Sketches 10.50 D HTM183 MIDI File
MEHUL E Triumphal March and Chorus 9.00 D HTM190 MIDI File
MOZART Romance: Horn Concerto 2nd Mvt 7.00 C HTM201 MIDI File
MOZART arr. Denwood Sonata K.358 16.50 D HTM640
MOZART Et Incarnatus est 22.50 C HTM646
PARRYEnglish Suite35.50EHT658   
ROSSINI arr. Denwood La Danza 13.50 C-D HTM619 MIDI File
SAINT-SAENS Feuillet d' Album 9.00 C HTM238 MIDI File
STRAUSS J Persian March 7.00 C HTM244 MIDI File
Trad arr. S. Denwood Dry Bones 8.50 B HTM528
VIVALDI Concerto a 4 8.00 D HTM266 MIDI File
VIVALDI Largo from Winter (La Pioggia) 7.00 B HTM270 MIDI File
WEBER Concertino for Oboe/Bassoon and Band 14.00 C HTM279
WEBER C M von Waltz and Trio 6.00 C HTM280 MIDI File
YOUNG W Sonata IX 6.50 C HTM284 MIDI File
MEHUL E Triumphal March and Chorus 10.50 D HTORC1 MIDI File
RUBINSTEIN Ballet Music from Der Damon £35 E HTORC2
Picc/2Fls/2Obs/2Cls/2Bsns/2Tpts/2Hns/3Tbns/Perc.Timps/strings (Available on hire) Borodin like orchestral music. About 15mins in length
FINCK H.Two Little Dances12.50CHTOR417