Hilltop Music Typesetting

Hilltop, Gravel Hill, Chartham Hatch, Canterbury, Kent, UK



Using the latest in music typesetting software (Sibelius) and ultra fast computers we can offer extemely competitive rates for setting your music with prices starting from £6.00 per A4 page. If you would like a quote for your manuscript just send us either a photocopy, or fax / E-mail a copy. You can view several examples of our work below or just contact us and ask for a free catalogue.

We also can produce scores for you, (including cover designs) printing them out in whatever quantity you desire. Please contact us for details.

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Ballet Music from Der Damon by Anton Rubinstein   Back to top

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The Loyal Lover for Voice, Horn and Harp by Kay Sheehan Swift   Back

Sensation for Choir by R.A.Greenidge   Back

Aquamarine for Piano by Rosemary Whittome   Back